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The Town of Clayton Fire District was formed in 1996.  Four different entities were combined with the formation of the district.  Assets of the Village of Clayton, Depauville Fire District, Clayton Fire Department, and Depauville Fire Department were brought under the control of the newly formed district.  All required funding would now be provided by the District, although the two fire departments would continue fund raising efforts as they saw fit.

District Mission Statement:

“To provide quality emergency services to all citizens in the most cost effective manner; to facilitate relationship between the fire departments, governments, and citizens; to develop a long range plan to ensure that quality equipment and services will continue to be available.”



Recent resolutions passed:

 2019-1 Air Pack Surplus

2019-2 Sale of Air Packs to Town of Rodman

2019-3 Sale of Air Packs to Town of Theresa FD